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How to carve roast chicken

Author: Canadian Living

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How to carve roast chicken

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Carving is a practical skill that will show off the chicken you have roasted in its most beautiful way. Make sure the serving platter is well warmed and the gravy or sauce that goes alongside is piping hot.

Large roasting chicken
1. Place chicken, breast side up, on cutting board. Point legs right if you are right-handed, left if you are lefthanded. Remove skewers or string.

2. Gently pull leg away from body while cutting through joint that holds leg to body. Place leg, meaty side up, on cutting board and cut through joint to separate drumstick from thigh. Repeat with second leg. Arrange legs on heated platter and cover to keep warm.

3. Gently pull wing away from body while cutting through joint holding it to body. Repeat with other wing and add to platter.

4. Steady bird by inserting long pronged fork into ridge at top of breast. With sharp knife, cut slices parallel to side of chicken. Start about halfway up side in order to divide up the succulent skin equally. Overlap slices attractively on platter. Repeat with other side.

Small bird
1. Place chicken on cutting board and steady with long-pronged fork.

2. Using poultry or kitchen shears or sharp knife, cut chicken into quarters – two breast portions and two leg portions. For more than four portions, cut each leg at joint to make drumstick and thigh pieces and through breast to make four portions of white meat.

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Cooking School

How to carve roast chicken