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How to make the ultimate crêpes

Photography by Jeff Coulson Image by: Photography by Jeff Coulson Author: Canadian Living

Cooking School

How to make the ultimate crêpes

Making crêpes is easier than you think. Follow our step-by-step instructions and learn how to make The Ultimate Crêpes for your next brunch.

1. Mix

Whisk the crêpe batter until smooth. Strain out any remaining lumps with a fine-mesh sieve.

mix crepe

Photography by Jeff Coulson

2. Swirl

Pour scant 1/3 cup crêpe batter into hot skillet. Tilt and swirl the skillet to spread the batter evenly.

swirl crepe

Photography by Jeff Coulson

3. Cook

Cook until the edge curls away from the side. Flip and cook until edge is light golden.

cook crepe

Photography by Jeff Coulson

Test Kitchen Tip:
There are two tricks to making perfect crêpes: Use a nonstick pan, and cook on moderate heat to prevent the crêpes from overbrowning. If the pan starts smoking or the crêpes become too golden, lower the heat slightly.

the ultimate crepes
Photography by Jim Norton

Creative Crêpes
Wrap up or stack your crêpes with these flavourful filling suggestions.
- bacon + grilled chicken + avocado + tomato + lettuce + mayo ( Tip: Layer like The Ultimate Crêpes)
- steamed asparagus + Swiss cheese + béchamel sauce
- ham + sautéed mushrooms + Brie
- smolked salmon + crème fraîche + dill ( Tip: Try our Creamy Smoked Salmon Breakfast Crêpes)

- cherries + sweetened mascarpone + melted dark chocolate ( Tip: Use The Ultimate Chocolate Crêpes)
- squeeze of lemon juice + sugar
- sautéed apple slices + maple syrup + whipped cream
- berry jam + ice cream + icing sugar

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Cooking School

How to make the ultimate crêpes