5 roasting pans tested with roast chicken and potatoes

Which roaster makes the best roast chicken and potatoes recipe? We tested 5 roasting pans to find out.

Roasting pan #2: Emile Henry ceramic pan, $90 (approximately)

The claim
  • Mineral-rich Burgundy clay is unsurpassed for even heat distribution
  • Naturally non-stick surface
  • Goes directly from freezer to hot oven; guaranteed from 0 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Won't scratch from use or cleaning, stays looking new

The result
This vessel was a bit too small for the chicken and potatoes, but not too bad at browning potatoes. If you are stuck for a roasting pan and only have a ceramic casserole, it actually worked quite well. It would be best to roast potatoes separately so everything has enough room to cook. This pretty pan also looks quite nice if you wanted to serve from the dish.

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