5 roasting pans tested with roast chicken and potatoes

Which roaster makes the best roast chicken and potatoes recipe? We tested 5 roasting pans to find out.

Roasting pan #5: Paderno Multi-Roaster with rack, $360 (approximately) - a Canadian product

The claim
  • Made from solid stainless steel with an encapsulated pad on the bottom and lid for heat conduction.
  • Versatile lid can also be used on the stove as an au gratin or even as a serving dish.
  • 25 year warranty. Oven and dishwasher safe.
The result
Beautiful stainless steel design, this pan is really two pans in one - the bottom piece is a very deep vessel that comes with a full rack that is easily lifted out. While such a deep design left the chicken and potatoes less golden in colour, the lid can work equally well as a shallow roaster or casserole dish complete with serving handles.

The larger pan is large enough and heavy-bottomed enough to work well as a stock pot, or for a corn or lobster boil

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