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Kids' cooking questions: Cookies, weird fruits, baking from scratch
Christine Picheca chatted up with kids across the country in a special kids-only live Q&A in our forums. What do kids want to know about cooking? Read on to find out.

Q. I like cookies and I was wondering if there were any easy no bake ones with chocolate for me to make? -- Brianna

A. Here is an easy yummy recipe that would be good for you to make -- No Bake Fudge Crispies. Use the microwave instructions so that you don't have to use the stove and make sure you check with mom or dad before you start cooking!

Q. What is the weirdest fruit or vegetable you have ever eaten? Why does baking powder make muffins rise? How do I get my brother to wash my dishes? -- Kate

A. The weirdest fruit I have ever eaten is a durian fruit. It has a spiky bumpy skin and smell a bit like rotten eggs, I didn't really like it! There is also this other strange fruit called a dragon fruit that has a bright pink skin and the centre is white with black speckles, it's good and taste a bit like melon.

Baking powder is the combination of two acids that react with heat and create a gas that gets trapped in the muffin. When the gas expands it makes the muffin rise up, the starch in the muffin sets when it is risen and creates the airy structure of the muffin. Check out some of our best muffin recipes.

As far as your brother goes -- try hiding his Game Boy until he agrees to clean up!

Q. Hi Christine. My niece would like to know if it's better to make things from a mix or from scratch? -- Fisher

A. Food tastes better when you make it from scratch -- you also know exactly what is going into what you are making so it can be healthier. Plus you know what you are eating. It is also good to learn how to make from scratch so that you know how when you don't have a mix.

Sometimes, however, a mix is helpful in the kitchen because it might help to make things faster when you might not have time, or are missing ingredients you need to make from scratch.

Q. Why are there different measuring cups for wet and dry ingredients? I don't understand why I can't use the same measuring cups for flour and oil. -- Cookiecookie

A. When you are measuring a dry ingredient like flour you do not want to have the ingredients packed down into the cup because you will end up with too much of the ingredient in your recipe, so a dry measuring cup works best. You should dip the cup into the flour to overflow it and then swipe off the extra flour to make the ingredients level with the top of the cup to get an accurate measure. Don't tap down the ingredient or shake the cup to level it off.

If you are measuring liquids, it would be difficult to use a dry measuring cup because you would have to have the liquid flush with the top of the cup. A see-through measuring cup lets you see that the liquid is at the measurement line and leaves enough room on top so it doesn't overflow. When you use a liquid measure, the liquid will curl up slightly at the edges of the cup make sure you take the at the lowest point of the liquid.

Q.  l'm wondering if you have a good and easy recipe for Peanut butter cookies for my kids?
-Ms Claus

A. Yes - here is a basic peanut butter cookie recipe. If you like your cookies a bit chewy (I do) under bake them slightly: Peanut Butter Cookie

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