Plain yogurt: Why it's so good for you, plus recipes

Find out the reasons why you should eat plain yogurt every day, plus learn how to use it in our quick tips and great yogurt recipes.

Easy, plain yogurt recipes
Plain yogurt recipes: Sides and mains

Grilled Asparagus with Curried Yogurt Dressing
Simple, grilled asparagus gets a delicious boost with this ginger- and green onion-tinged curried yogurt dressing.

Parsnip Oven Fries with Yogurt Curry Dipping Sauce
These delicious, can't-get-enough parsnip fries are the perfect baked snack to enjoy with company.

Yogurt-Marinated Chicken
Marinated with a tangy yogurt, oregano and lemon juice sauce, this recipe for grilled chicken is one to try!

Quinoa Dolmades with Tahini Yogurt Sauce
This is a vegetarian take on a traditional Greek and Turkish finger food. Grape leaves are available at Middle Eastern, Greek, Italian and most supermarkets.

Plain yogurt recipes: Cakes and muffins

Lemon Yogurt Loaf
This easy recipe is one to keep! With a simple glaze, this delicious yogurt loaf is bestseller in the making for your next bake sale.

Blueberry Yogurt Muffins
To use frozen instead of fresh blueberries, keep them frozen until the last moment and fold them in with as few strokes as possible in the day. This sweet and crunchy combination is best sprinkled on plain or vanilla yogurt.

Yogurt Bran Muffins
Get everyone off to a healthy start with a batch of these nutritious muffins.

Apricot Orange Yogurt Muffins
A great holiday treat, this yogurt muffin recipes is easy to make, but special in its own way!

Lemon-Yogurt Coffee Cake
This muffin recipe is sure to satisfy a sweet craving. The usual 1/2 cup (125 mL) of butter in a cake like this has been reduced. Serve warm.

Plain yogurt recipes: Frozen delights

Fruity Yogurt Smoothies
These frosty fruity beverages make a great start to the day or a delicious midmorning snack. Using frozen fruit makes them extra smooth and creamy.

Yogurt Fruit Pops
Frozen pops made with fresh fruit taste better and are a healthier choice than the commercial variety. The paper muffin-cup liners help catch drips.

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