Top 7 kitchen essentials

From large kitchen appliances to small gadgets, the right kitchen tools can turn you into an at-home chef in no time. Check out our expert tips for selecting kitchen essentials.

The chef's essential kitchen
Kitchens are laboratories, used to whip up concoctions that soothe souls and fill bellies, so they need to be equipped to take on the theories, hypotheses and experimenting we do in them.

Bonny Reichert is a graduate of the George Brown Professional Chef Training program in Toronto and apprenticed at Jamie Kennedy Kitchens. She's a recipe developer and one-time executive chef at Sobey's, and this food writer is also a mother of three. When it comes to outfitting a kitchen, she's got some ideas worth listening to. 

The chef's essential kitchen
Here are some appliances, gadgets and tools you'll need to help you outfit your kitchen as well as any chef's!

1. All-gas stove and oven
Reichert has an all-gas Wolf range with four burners because "my kitchen's not big enough for six," which is the deluxe option, she says.

"It has no frills: It doesn't self clean, it's not electronic," she adds. Besides the oven dial, there are no embellishments. “It's super basic in functionality, which I love."

Why is simple better? "I had an electronic range once and they go on the fritz. The oven's got a very important job to do -- bake, roast, broil. It doesn't need to do more than that."

You're going to want to make an investment in this piece. "Cheap stoves are always too hot, they're never accurate, and the temperature is uneven," says Reichert. Hers is expensive, yes, but it cooks evenly. "It's not precious. I make my range work really hard."

Many people choose a unit with a gas top and electric stove, but Reichert likes gas in the oven, too. Why? "The broiler. It's not a coil, it's a flame. You can see it. So you get a really nice char when broiling steaks," she says, adding that it's perfect for the winter when it's too cold for barbecuing outside.

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