Where to find the best shortbread cookies in Canada

If you're looking to indulge your sweet tooth with delectable, homemade shortbread, we know just the place to go. Discover eight wonderful bakeries that have Canada's best shortbread cookies.

Where to find the best shortbread cookies in Canada
Check out eight amazing bakeries in Canada with the best shortbread cookies:
1. The Valley Bakery (Burnaby, B.C.)
Established in 1957, this well-known family-owned bakery produces some fantastic shortbread, as well as many other delicious cookies.

In addition to the traditional spritz shortbread, The Valley Bakery also offers fruit-and-nut and pecan variations. And the kid in you (or a kid you love) will enjoy the traditional spritz topped with a dollop of pink or yellow fondant icing.

2. Mary Macleod's Shortbread (Toronto)
Mary Macleod has been delighting taste buds with her handmade shortbread cookies since 1981.

With flavours that include traditional, hazelnut chocolate, rolled coconut, cranberry almond, chocolate crunch (the most popular) and many more, Mary has a shortbread cookie for everyone. Visit the landmark shop in Toronto's east end, or order online at marymacleod.ca.

3. Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. (Warkworth, Ont.)
Chef and owner Mark Pollard considers his signature savoury cocktail shortbread an evolution of shortbread. He has been growing his handmade cookie company for six years, working to create delicious shortbread with unique flavours -- top sellers include Chedder and lemon zest ­ all made with pure, all-natural locally sourced ingredients.

The cookies are available in over 360 specialty food shops and wineries across the country, and online at sprucewoodbrands.com.

4. The Dutch Bakery (Victoria)
Shortbread rules at this third-generation family-owned bakery in the heart of Victoria. The bakery offers four different styles. The two top sellers are dutch shortbread, which is more fluffy and crumbly than scottish shortbread and is piped instead of rolled, and Goldstream, a rolled and cut cookie drizzled with cocoa icing.

5. Manuel Latruwe (Calgary)
You'll find many sweet and savoury baked delights at this european-style bakery, but the lemon shortbread is a definite must-try. using only the finest ingredients (local, when possible), including fresh lemon zest, these buttery treats will tempt any shortbread lover.

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