How to entertain a vegan Celiac anaphylactic locavore

9 steps towards a relaxing get-together every palate, diet and lifestyle can enjoy.

Entertaining tips 6-10
6. Go with the flow
If you've prepared something that your guest can't eat, don't get flustered. You will both feel embarrassed if you draw attention to the situation. Offer to prepare something else if you can but, according to Fox, a gracious guest will ask you not to go to any extra trouble.

7. Know where to draw the line
It's perfectly reasonable for a guest to mention specific dietary restrictions, but if a host asks all of her diners for their preferences, things can get confusing. "It can just keep going and going, especially if you're entertaining a larger group," says Casson. "If you ask for restrictions, that can be managed - but if you ask for preferences, it opens the door wide for people to say all kinds of things." The rule of thumb, she says, is to ask for restrictions and requirements first, and preferences only if you choose. You have no obligation to provide a sugar-free dessert to someone on a diet, but you would be ill advised to serve quiche to a guest who's allergic to eggs.

8. Be careful
Read the ingredient list of any prepared foods to ensure they're consistent with your guest's restrictions. Many "vegetable" soups, for instance, are prepared with beef stock, and some frozen chicken breasts contain soy additives. There is no reason to abstain from serving any type of food to the group if there will be a tricky diner at the table, as long as your guest is made aware of what foods contain the ingredients she cannot eat. In the case of a potentially fatal anaphylactic allergy, however, it's advisable to stay away from serving the problem food in case of cross contamination.

9. Have fun!

Don't look at hosting a guest who has dietary restrictions as a challenge – see it as an opportunity to try something new. The last thing your guest would want is for you to be stressed out over his or her presence. Do the best you can and don't be afraid to experiment. Your guest will be grateful that you took the effort to make their experience enjoyable, and may even ask you for a recipe to take home!

So go ahead and invite your vegan neighbours over for meal. With a splash of creativity, a little bit of consideration and a good old dose of common sense, you might just discover that entertaining the ‘tarians can be a whole lot of fun!

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