How to pair wine with your turkey dinner

Are you stuck on what kind of wine to serve with your turkey dinner? Not a problem: Check out our tips on which wines to select and how to serve them with a delicious holiday feast.

How to pair wine with your turkey dinner
A turkey dinner with all the fixings provides a chance to highlight family favourites and the best of autumn's bounty. But the sheer variety of dishes on the table can also make it a challenge to choose a wine to accompany the meal. Consider these factors before you head to the wine aisle.

1. Turkey menu
You've likely heard that red wine complements red meat and white wine suits white meat, but that's not the whole story: Texture matters too. Turkey can be dry, so if 
it's the centrepiece of your meal, choose a wine that can complement it. Consider a crisp, mouthwatering white wine, such as a Riesling, or a light red wine with juicy berry flavours, such as a Pinot Noir.

2. Location
When planning a menu, chefs know that "what grows together goes together," and the same applies to wine pairing. If your 
menu includes specialties that celebrate your family's heritage, consider serving a wine from that part of the world. Likewise, if you're celebrating local foods with your Thanksgiving dinner, look to your local wine region for beverages to serve.

3. Provide a variety of wines
If you just can't decide, consider offering a variety of wines and letting your guests choose for themselves. This approach works especially well if you're hosting a buffet or serving a family-style dinner rather than a formal one. And don't forget to provide a nonalcoholic option for your guests, too. Grape juice, cranberry cocktail and apple cider are three delicious seasonal options.

This story was originally titled "Pairing Pointers" in the October 2012 issue.

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