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Ten-minute napkin rings

Author: Canadian Living

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Ten-minute napkin rings

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Vintage napkin ring
From elastic thread, cut three 6-inch/15 cm lengths; onto each, alternately thread plastic and freshwater pearls, then tie ends together with overhand knot. With same thread, tie 3 strands of pearls together at knots (bottom of ring) and dab with glue gun to secure.

Whimsical napkin ring

Using glue gun, join 2 clear oval shower-curtain rings, side by side. Glue on recycled crystals (from chandeliers and jewelry) all over outside.

Country napkin ring
Wind 30-inch/76 cm length of grapevine wire around paper-towel tube, then slide off. Using glue gun, glue wire together, at intervals, to form firm ring. Tie 14-inch/35.5 cm length of 3/4-inch/2 cm wide red velvet ribbon into bow. Thread 3-inch/7.5 cm length of thin green ribbon through small brass bell, wrap around red bow, then tie in place just below bow. Glue bow to ring.

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Menus & Entertaining

Ten-minute napkin rings