Recipes with egg whites

Enjoy the lighter side of cooking with these Tested-Till-Perfect egg white recipes.

Recipes with egg whites
Searching for great recipes that are lower in fat and still high in taste? Consider egg white recipes. They'll help you stick to your healthy eating regimeand make life a little sweeter at the same time.

How to buy the best egg whites?
We asked Test Kitchen Manager Adell Shneer how she buys egg whites for her recipes -- whole eggs or egg whites in a carton. She says that it really depends what you’re using them for. If you're going to whip the egg whites, whole eggs that have been separated will whip up fuller. However, the egg whites that come in the carton are economical if you need large quantities.

How to separate egg whites from the yolk?
Shneer says it’s important to separate egg whites individually before you add them to a large quantity of egg whites, just in case you break a yolk.

How to whip up fluffy egg whites?
“If using the egg whites for meringue or to beat until stiff, you need to make sure they are clean,” explains Shneer. “That means that any fat that is introduced will prevent the egg whites from beating properly. That fat could be egg yolk, or a dirty bowl.”

In his book On Food and Cooking (Scribner, 2004), author Harold McGee says that egg whites whip best if they are at room temperature or slightly above. McGee also suggests that you stay away from plastic bowls because fatty substances tend to cling to plastic and that will hinder the egg whites from reaching great heights.

Try one of these eggcellent recipes today!

Lightened-Up Strawberry Charlotte
No one will miss the fat in this show-stopping dessert: traditionally layers of fruit and custard or whipped cream in a cake-lined mould. Yogurt mousse replaces the traditional filling, and a lightened-up topping replaces the whipped cream. For a quicker option, follow the tip to use store-bought ladyfingers.

Schmoo Cake
This light and nutty cake is a decadent treat with its rich whipped cream icing and butterscotch sauce.

Chilled Raspberry Chiffon
Pretty in pink, this is a light, melt-in-your mouth dessert. Pasteurized egg whites are available in the dairy or freezer section of the supermarket.

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