St. Patrick's Day cocktail recipes

A collection of 10 Irish cocktail recipes for your St. Patrick's Day celebration, plus real-life tips on how to become Irish for a day.

St. Patrick's Day cocktail recipes
When I was a lass, it was never Lent on St. Patrick's Day. My parents enjoyed a drink or two and my brother and I gorged on shamrock-shaped shortbread cookies.

Our whole family wore their cleanest, greenest clothes to celebrate the day. If your green shirt or pants had a stain, well, that was your problem. You had to wear them anyway. "Cover it with this giant 'Kiss me I'm Irish' button," was always Dad's solution. Thanks Dad.

March 17th marks the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick, and the Irish have observed this religious day for over one thousand years.

Irish descendants in Canada use St. Patrick's Day to celebrate their Irish heritage to the fullest, and to heartily adopt revelers of any background to don an Irish persona for the day.

How to become Irish for a day

How does one become 'Irish for a day'? My dad is surely the king. He wears a pair of shoes he painted green. He wears green pants. A green shirt. Shamrock suspenders. 'Kiss me I'm Irish' button (see above). A shamrock that plays "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" when pushed. A top hat with green shamrock buckle. He walks with a Shillelagh (an Irish cane).

Top all this off with a toy Leprechaun in his shirt pocket, wearing the exact same outfit.

He wears this costume to work, arriving extra early to hide gifts for his office mates in mischievous Leprechaun fashion. Later, he hand-delivers green shamrock shortbread cookies to all his coworkers, quoting Irish blessings as he wanders through the office.

Did I mention my dad isn't Irish at all, but English?

Drink to your health
One of the best things about St. Patrick's Day - besides my crazy dad - is hitting a local pub or entertaining friends at home for good cheer, revelry, and unending singing rounds of "Whisky in the Jar".

We've compiled 10 Irish cocktails below, courtesy of our friends from Either memorize the titles to ask your local bartender between pints of Guinness, or purchase plenty of Irish Whisky and try them all for an evening of Irish cocktails amongst friends and family at home.

Slàinte! ("Slaan-sha" - meaning 'Good health!')

Irish Buck
• 1 1/2 oz. Irish whiskey
• Ginger Ale
• Lemon peel
Mixing instructions

Irish Canadian Sangaree

• 1/2 oz. Irish Mist
• 1/2 oz. lemon juice
• 1/2 oz. orange juice
• 1 oz. Canadian whisky
 Nutmeg, grated
Mixing instructions

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