What's for Easter dinner? We've assembled our favourite Easter entrees to help you decide

Whether your family prefers lamb, ham, veal or turkey, our Tested-Till-Perfect recipes will make for a memorable Easter feast.

By Christine Picheca

Easter dinner
A traditional Easter dinner
For a more traditional take on Easter dinner, we have assembled our most popular entrees to build your Easter dinner around. Whether you're planning a sit down dinner or a buffet for a crowd, here are our best ideas for ham, lamb, pork or turkey. No matter which entree you decide on, these options will make a stunning centrepiece to your special family meal.

Sides to serve with your meal
Think spring food thoughts to go alongside the meat: herbed tossed new potatoes, the first fresh asparagus that's landed in your grocer's store and a bountiful garden salad will bring the newness of spring into your menu and your home.       

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