Yummy breakfast recipes for kids

Looking for great breakfast recipes for kids? Discover a new favourite with these easy step-by-step breakfast recipes! Plus, stay safe with our kids cooking tips.

Breakfast recipes for kids
Power Waffles and Fruit
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We polled experts - the kids - to find out what they wanted to cook themselves for breakfast. Here are the results: easy, cheesy omelettes, frosty, fruity smoothies and crispy, chocolaty waffles. Plus, they all have lots of flavour variations to appeal to every palate.

Get cooking kids! But first . . .
• Always make sure an adult is close by when you are cooking.

• Before you cook, you need to get ready. Read the recipe before you do anything.

• Get out all the ingredients and cooking equipment that you will need.

• Prepare and measure the ingredients. This way you won't forget to add anything.

* Clean up as you go. The kitchen will be neat and there won't be a big mess when you are finished cooking.

Breakfast time - here we come! Breakfast recipes designed for kids:
Chocolate Chip Waffles recipe >>
Waffle irons are quite affordable and easy to use - perfect for any household with kids. Serve with maple syrup and bananas in winter or fresh berries in summer.

Power Waffles and Fruit recipe >>
Finding a breakfast that gives you a boost and keeps you going until lunch can be tricky. These whole grain waffles made with protein-rich Greek yogurt and topped with nutritious berries and more yogurt will start the day off right.

Carrot Oatmeal Muffins recipe >>
Muffins are great for breakfast on the go or as a late-morning snack. This one has lots of variations - both inside and on top - for different tastes.

Open-Faced Ham and Cheese Omelette recipe >>

Omelettes are an easy breakfast for kids to make, but you will need a nonstick pan so it slides out easily onto the plate.

Best Smoothies
These frosty fruity beverages make a great start to the day or a delicious mid-morning snack. Using frozen fruit makes them extra smooth and creamy.

Fruity Yogurt Smoothies recipe >>
Pineapple Berry Smoothies recipe >>
Strawberry Mango Smoothies recipe >>

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