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8 delicious cereal bar recipes

Multiseed Cranberry Energy Bars
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8 delicious cereal bar recipes

Squares, cookies or trail mixes featuring cereal are fun-and-easy snacks to make for the whole family to enjoy. Quick no-bake recipes also mean you can get the kids involved with little fuss or bother. Choose cereals made with whole grains and use healthy additions like dried fruit and nuts to increase nutritional benefits. Here are 10 of our favourite cereal treats.

1. Multiseed Cranberry Energy Bars
-- When honey boils down, it gets thick, syrupy and surprisingly less sticky. You can add nuts to these bars if you like – just substitute 1/2 cup of them for the pumpkin seeds.

2. Power-Packed Wheat Squares -- This combination of puffed wheat and toasted-oat O's are an excellent, portable lightweight snack. In case of peanut allergies, substitute with nut or seed, or replace the peanuts with dried fruit.

3. Lunch Box Cereal Bars
-- These are a welcome treat in any lunch box or as a nutritious after-school snack. To ensure the gooey cereal and fruit mixture doesn't stick to your favourite cake pan, be sure to grease the pan or line it with parchment paper.

4. Hiker's Happy Trail Mix -- Cereal, seeds and dried fruit are combined to make this take-along snack that's great for an after-sport snack. Make an extra-large batch to store in an airtight container for a satisfying, healthy alternative to chips or chocolate when the munchies strike.

5. No-Bake Fudge Crispies
-- Enlist the hands of your favourite little helper for these no-bake treats. A microwave-cooking option means easy clean-up. Add a handful of nuts or dried fruit if desired.

6. Crunchy Cereal Squares -- These sweet cereal snacks, chock-full of fruit, seeds and nuts, require boiling a sugar and corn syrup mixture. Be sure an adult is around to supervise this step. For easy clean-up of a sugar-coated pan, fill with water and bring to boil, stirring occasionally, to lift away the sticky mixture.

7. Chocolate Crispy Bars -- Chocolate, peanuts, crisp rice cereal and a final drizzle of white chocolate combine to make the ultimate cereal snack. Instead of pressing the mixture into a pan, try dropping it onto cookie sheets for an easy no-bake cookie.

8. Date-and-Nut Rice Crisp Bars
-- Toasting nuts and seeds brings out the best of their flavours. To toast seeds and nuts, use a clean dry skillet over medium heat. Toast each nut or seed separately as cooking times vary. Shake skillet constantly until evenly golden and fragrant.


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Our Best Collections

8 delicious cereal bar recipes