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Leisurely strawberry recipes

Honey-Baked Brie With Strawberry Salsa
Photography by Jeff Coulson
Image by: Honey-Baked Brie With Strawberry Salsa</br>Photography by Jeff Coulson Author: Canadian Living

Quick & Easy

Leisurely strawberry recipes

Make the most of this season's strawberry bounty with our best strawberry recipes you can make in moments, giving your more time to enjoy them.

What would summer in Canada be without strawberries? This year, make the most of this short-but-sweet season by buying homegrown berries at your local farmers’ market or grocer. Or head to a pick-your-own farm. You get to select the best-looking berries at their peak. Take your friends or family, pack a picnic lunch and make a day trip out of it.

When selecting, choose berries that are completely red with bright green hulls. Spread out onto a rimmed baking sheet, cover lightly and refrigerate with hulls intact; use within 3 to 5 days. Just before serving, rinse under cold running water, pat dry and hull. For maximum flavour and aroma, let strawberries come to room temperature before eating.

Here are a few sweet and simple ways to enjoy strawberries. Start your weekend mornings with this soufflé-like Strawberry Puff. Baked in the oven, this pancake puffs up in no time.

For breakfast-on-the-run, this rich and creamy Strawberry Tofu Smoothie is much healthier than a traditional shake.

Casual summer entertaining begins with Honey-Baked Brie With Strawberry Salsa, surrounded by crackers and flatbreads. Or, for an elegant appetizer on a scorching summer night, try refreshing bowls of Strawberry Melon Soup with Mint.

Snappy Strawberry Salsa makes an easy accompaniment to grilled chicken. Along with a green salad, you’ve got a light, fresh summer dinner in 30 minutes.

Everybody’s favourite, ripe strawberries dipped in Chocolate Fondue are the ultimate in simple summer desserts. And Strawberry Chocolate Shortcake Skewers are quick to assemble using store-bought cake and chocolate sauce. Or go classic with our Strawberry Lemon Custard Shortcake, shown in the image above.

For a fantastic anytime snack, dip strawberries into sour cream, then roll gently in brown sugar to coat.

Looking for more great recipe ideas? Try our sweet and simple strawberry desserts.


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Quick & Easy

Leisurely strawberry recipes