Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy: 30-minute dinners for everyday entertaining

Double-Coriander Lamb Racks
Photography by Maya Visnyei
Image by: Double-Coriander Lamb Racks<br>Photography by Maya Visnyei Author: Canadian Living

Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy: 30-minute dinners for everyday entertaining

Weekends fill up fast and tend to be full of obligations. Sometimes getting together during the week suits everyone’s schedule best. However, week night entertaining has to be simplified and still allow you to put your best foot forward.

A beautifully prepared cut of meat with a simple side dish is perfect and quick to execute on a week night. Here are five complete entrees for week night guests and a few tips for mid-week entertaining.

•    Rainbow Trout en Papillote is ready in 20 minutes and the packages can be prepared in the morning before you head of to work. Pair it with Lemon Rice and some fresh fruit or ice cream for dessert for an elegant meal.

•    Couscous Chicken with Orange Sauce sounds complicated but is a breeze to prepare. Add a green vegetable like broccoli or green beans on the side to complete the meal.

•    What could be more elegant than Coriander Lamb Racks? Too much work for a Thursday night? Well think again, marinating the lamb ahead of time means 20 minutes of roasting and dinner is ready. While the oven is hot, pop in Roasted Tomatoes to serve along side the lamb.

•    Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce made with dried mushroom is flavourful and sophisticated. The sweetness of Roasted Parsnips makes a beautiful accompaniment to the pork.

•    If it is a vegetarian you have to please, Whole Wheat Pasta with Blue Cheese Sauce served with Romaine and Radicchio Salad with Cucumber is sure to please.

•    Give your guests something to munch on while you finish the last odds and ends. Have purchased snacks on hand for easy appetizers: jumbo cashews, dried spiced chickpeas, or sea salt and rosemary seasoned potato chips.

•    Make dessert easy. Good quality vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche sauce is decadent and no fuss for you. Or imported butter biscuits with a fruit sorbet will also create and elegant ending. And easiest of all, a delicious bowl of berries with fresh cream to pour over couldn’t be more simple or delicious.

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Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy: 30-minute dinners for everyday entertaining