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  • 28 deliciously affordable meals: Week four

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  • 28 deliciously affordable meals

    Enjoy a month of deliciously affordable dinners. We've done all the work for you. Find below recipes for every night of the week, a downloadable grocery list for each week, and a month-long calendar of recipes you can put up on your fridge. Bon appetit!

  • Curried Chicken and Brown Rice

    Nutritious and fast, this satisfying weeknight dinner is even tastier as leftovers for lunch the next day. To remove the tough centre stems of the kale, simply run the tip of your knife along each side of the stem; this allows you to easily chop the more tender leaves.

  • Spicy Vegetable Fried Brown Rice

    This healthy take on fried rice mixes brown rice with a variety of tasty veggies. Shiitake mushroom stems are tougher than the delicate caps but packed with flavour, so reserve them for homemade vegetable stock. Use the stock as a base for mushroom soup or substitute for the vegetable broth in this recipe.

  • Orange Soy Salmon and Rice Noodle Salad

    A bright, citrusy sauce and tender veggies make this salmon and noodle salad a fresh-tasting dinner option. Marmalade or jam with minimal added sugar works best for this dish, so look for a spread sweetened with fruit juice only.?