The ultimate bell pepper recipe collection: Stuffed, roasted, pureed and stir-fried

Colourful bell peppers are the darlings of cuisines across the world. Here you'll find recipes classified by red, yellow, orange and green peppers for stuffed peppers, roasted peppers, red pepper soup and more.

How to cook red, green, yellow and orange peppers
Feta, Bulgur and Herb Peppers
Red, green, yellow and orange peppers are deliciously versatile vegetables. Sweet peppers can be eaten raw, grilled with succulent meats, roasted, stuffed with a savoury filling and baked, steamed with other tender crisp veggies, sautéed, or thrown into a simmering pot for a hearty stew.

Peppers are a great source of Vitamin C, which helps your body absorb other nutrients from food. When buying bell peppers, look for ones that are firm to the touch, with a smooth skin free of cracks or blemishes.

Cooking with peppers
"Roasted red peppers are a tasty addition to salads, sandwiches, pastas and antipasto," says Test Kitchen specialist Amanda Barnier.

"Peppers are great combined with basil + currants + garlic + pine nuts. Or, try peppers + garlic + olive oil + onion + thyme + zucchini. Other foods that complement their taste include chili peppers, and cheeses such as mozzarella, parmesan, and goat." Amanda suggests trying roasted peppers with lemon juice, oregano, potatoes, tomatoes and vinegar as well; "especially sherry vinegar," she adds.

How to roast peppers
"Roast or grill peppers evenly on all sides, for about 12 to 15 minutes," Amanda says. "Seal in a paper bag, or seal with plastic wrap in a bowl to help them steam for 10 minutes. Then, unwrap and cool for 10 minutes."

Then, "using a paper towel or your hands to rub off the charred skin, drain liquid and remove tops. Remove seeds with knife or under running water. Dry with a clean towel."

Best tips for stuffed peppers
Are stuffed peppers proving to be a challenge on your menu?

"Stand peppers upright by fitting them to a proper sized baking dish," Amanda advises. "You can also use mounds of kosher salt to stabilize the peppers. The salt will retain [the pepper's] shape during baking."

And why not step outside the boxy bell pepper? "Use peppers that you like," Amanda adds. "Try green, red, yellow, cubanelle, or even the smaller jalepeno pepper. Fill them with meat, rice and other grains such as barley and quinoa, or cheese and other vegetables."

As a reminder, she says, "know that the peppers will begin to break down in the oven if they're baked too long, so consider the cooking time of the fillings as well; you may need to par-cook some ingredients."

How to make a knock-out red pepper soup
"Purée the soup with a blender or hand blender for smooth results," Amanda says. "A little spice goes a long way, so taste before you add too much salt or other spices."

"If you desire a creamy soup, 35 per cent cream is always best for a velvety texture. Lighter creams run the risk of splitting if the consistency is too thin."

On your next trip to the market, find inspiration from one of these red, green, yellow and orange pepper recipes. Fill up on peppers and get cooking!

Stuffed pepper recipes

Feta, Bulgur and Herb Peppers
These Middle-Eastern inspired peppers are a healthy and delicious vegetarian main course.

Millet and Sausage Stuffed Peppers
Available in the health food section of grocery stores and in natural food stores, mildly flavoured millet is a perfect backdrop to seasonings. Here, it's an interesting alternative to regular rice stuffing.

Stuffed Mozza Peppers
Tuna combined with veggies and creamy mozzarella stuffed into peppers makes for a portable, nutritious and delicious lunch ready to go in 5 minutes!

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