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    Have a loved one who is addicted to pounding the pavement? We've got the top gear that your runner wants and needs.  

  • Great gifts for skiers and snowboarders

    The snow bunnies on your list will love to unwrap this cool and cozy gear on Christmas morning. And if you're joining them on the slope—on skis or a snowboard—you might just have to buy a few of these for yourself!

  • How to get kids active at school

    Canada's children and youth are at risk due to insufficient physical activity. Learn more about an initiative raising awareness to promote good health through school-oriented tools and programs.

  • How to lose weight without exercising

    A weight-loss doctor reveals how little working out impacts your weight, and how to refocus your fitness goals to keep your health on the right track.

  • Leg workouts: 5 moves for toned legs

    Looking to tone your legs all over? In this workout, specially designed by Equinox for Canadian Living, trainer Eva Redpath shows off the best leg workouts for you.

  • The ultimate yoga guide

    From the health benefits to the best poses, this guide tells you everything you need to know about yoga.

  • Balancing motherhood and your passions: Toronto moms share how they do it

    What started as an informal ball hockey team has led a group of moms to the 2014 Master's World Ball Hockey Championships. These Toronto hockey moms share how they juggle their family and their passions.

  • Yoga dictionary: What common yoga terms mean

    Don't speak Sanskrit? We asked Meagan McCrary, yoga teacher and author of Pick Your Yoga Practice (New World Library, 2013), to explain basic terminology.