8 secrets from moms who manage to get enough exercise

Wondering how other moms do it? Here's how to fit fitness into your schedule.

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8 secrets from moms who manage to get enough exercise

It's easy to let exercise fall to the bottom of your list of priorities when you're spending your days cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, helping with homework and driving kids from place to place – tackling the never-ending to-do list of most moms. But for both your sake and your family's it's important to find time to exercise.

"Treat it like brushing your teeth: it's something you have to do," says April Porter Crews, a mother of two boys who co-owns Sisters in Fitness in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland. "Explain to your loved ones that exercise is the best way to keep yourself happy and healthy, and to make you the best possible mommy and wife."

Take it from these Canadian moms: It is possible to get enough exercise.

1. Make friends with the early morning
If you can't find time for exercise during the day, get up earlier in the morning. According to Porter Crews, early mornings are a great time for mothers to get out of the house unnoticed and not be missed.

"Once you get over the shock of getting up at 5:00 or 5:30 a.m., you'll wish you had started it years ago!" she says.

While it may seem hard to give up precious sleep, keep in mind that active women tend to have more energy and sleep better than those who don't get enough exercise.

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