3 stability ball exercises

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3 stability ball exercises

Combining weights with ball exercises can be challenging. It's important to make sure you are comfortable with all the different positions in which exercises can be performed on the ball. Choosing the right size ball is critical to ensure that exercises are performed safely. While sitting on the ball, keep your upper body upright. Your hips, knees and ankles should be at 90 degrees. This will help you with selecting the right size ball.

Exercise 1: Chest press
Lie down on ball so that your head and upper shoulders are resting on the ball. Knees should be at 90 degrees and directly over your ankles. Start with dumbells at chest level and raise them upwards keeping the elbows slightly bent. Return to starting position.

Progression: As your raise the dumbells extend your right knee keeping it parallel with the left. Repeat with the other leg. Increase weight.

Exercise 2: Bridges
Start in the same position as exercise 1 holding dumbbells over hipbones. Lower your bottom down then squeeze and lift your glutes to starting position.

Progression: Perform the exercise while keeping right heel lifted. Repeat with left. Increase weight.

Exercise 3: Upper trunk rotation
Lie face down with hips directly over the ball, dumbbells in hands and resting on the ground. Rotate your trunk to the right lifting right dumbbell until resting on left hip. Return to starting position and repeat to the left. Keep your toes on the ground at all times.

Progression: Increase weight.

Farhan Dhalla is a Registered Physiotherapist, International Presenter and Reebok Master Trainer. Visit for more information.

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3 stability ball exercises