Easy moves for strong, sexy thighs

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Easy moves for strong, sexy thighs

Besides looking great in this season's skinny jeans and pretty skirts, toned thighs are growing in popularity for a new reason: Danish researchers have just published an article in the British Medical Journal, highlighting a correlation between thigh measurements and overall health. After 12 years of studies, the reseachers have found women and men with thighs less than 60 cm around have a greater chance of falling ill to the likes of diabetes and heart disease.

Browse our collection of workouts designed to target all parts of your thighs – your heart just might thank you!

Inner thigh exercise: How to tone your inner thighs
This easy at-home exercise will help you tone your inner thighs while engaging your core and glutes.

Thigh workout: The skate lift
Thunder no more! Reshape your outer thighs with this simple exercise.

Tone your butt and thighs
Try this easy body-shaping exercise that will firm you up in no time.

Body basic: Hamstring
Work your body with this hamstring strengthening, thigh toning, and balance enhancing exercise.

Body basic: Outer thighs
Use these leg lift exercises to strengthen and tone your outer thighs.

Body basic: Inner thighs
Use this squat exercise with a ball to target your inner thighs.

Body basic: Thighs
Advanced power lunges help strengthen and trim your thighs.


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Easy moves for strong, sexy thighs