Staying active over the holiday season

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Staying active over the holiday season

Q. I always fall off my exercise schedule during the holidays. How can I keep active without a daily routine? -- Donna Brown, Almonte, Ont.

A. Physiotherapist Maureen Hagan replies:

There are lots of great ways to keep active and have fun during the holidays.

Make new year's resolutions early this year and start working toward your fitness goals on Dec. 1. Write them on sticky notes as if you've already achieved them: "I walk at least 20 minutes every day and it feels great!" Post them where you'll see them often (try the fridge or your computer).

Plan a social activity around fitness. Go cross-country skiing, take a winter walk or go skating with friends.

• Go tobogganing with your kids.

• If you're visiting family or friends in another city, try out a fitness club in their area. (The first visit is often free.)

• Commit to a brisk 10- or 15-minute walk before or after dinner, no matter where you eat it.

• On any holiday outing, park farther away from your destination and walk.

Buy a pedometer as an early Christmas gift to yourself. Use it to see how many steps you take in a day and aim to increase that number. Your goal should be 10,000 steps a day for good health.

• When you're feeling "peopled-out," go to the gym by yourself. This is one guarantee of some time alone during the sometimes chaotic holidays.


Maureen Hagan is director of education at Can-Fit-Pro, an organization of Canadian fitness professionals, and vice-president of operations for Good Life Fitness and VitaVie clubs in London, Ont.
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Staying active over the holiday season