How to get an Olympian's body

After consulting with athletes and coaches, we've come up with eight moves that will help you get the gold-medal body of an Olympic athlete. 

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1. The plate push

The expert: Freyja Spence, certified personal trainer and strength coach

Olympian inspiration: Skeleton racer Jon Montgomery needs speed and power to get his sled barrelling down the track.

How to do it: Place a heavy barbell plate (35 to 45 pounds) on the floor. In a half plank position, with your arms extended and locked, place your hands on opposite sides of the plate. Use power from your legs to push the plate across the floor—fast—for 20 seconds. Take a one-minute break. Repeat three to six times. (TIP: A towel underneath the plate helps it slide more easily and protects the floor.)

What it works: core, upper back, legs

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