New, free online Meal Planner

Plan once, eat well all week! Canadian Living's new online Meal Planner will keep your eating habits and your budget on track.

New, free online Meal Planner
Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard . . . then dialed 1-800-TAKE-OUT on Day One of her diet and ate her pizza in shame.

Sound familiar? It's a common slip - most of us turn to costly take-out and unhealthy convenience foods as soon as the cupboards are bare.

Whether you're sticking to a food budget, a special diet or a weight loss program, all good eating intentions fall apart when there is a lack of planning.'s new, free online Meal Planner will keep you on track and help you map out your week or your whole month of eating.

With our online Meal Planner you can:
•    plan your meals and recipes in advance for the whole family,
•    create printable grocery lists,
•    add special notes to yourself,
•    even print your individual Meal Planner to stick on the fridge

Need more incentive? In a recent study of overweight women, researchers found women who were given a meal plan and a grocery list lost as much weight as those given meals already prepared from a menu.

You can do it.'s online Meal Planner makes it easy to begin planning your meals and gaining control over what you eat every day.

Get started today!  Log in to your free My CL account and click on My Meal Planner.

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