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4 clever smartphone health tools

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Mind & Spirit

4 clever smartphone health tools

S+ by ResMed Sleep 
What if you could train yourself to sleep more soundly? Using radio-frequency technology, this bedside sensor measures your movement, breathing and environment (including light, noise and temperature), then sends the data to your smartphone or tablet. When you wake, you'll receive a sleep score, be alerted to nighttime disruptions and be able to identify sleep issues by checking your sleep stages. Use the app's Mind Clear function to record your thoughts or to-do lists before bed, or play one of the 10 soothing sounds synced to your breath to help you drift off into dreamland. $150, apple.com.

Health apps - sleep app

Swaive Thermometer
With medical-grade accuracy, this ear thermometer, used alone or with your iPhone, uses an LED display to provide a temperature reading—calculated within 0.1°C. Synced with the Apple Health app, it will analyze any risks associated with that temperature (taking into account factors such as the patient's age) and chart temperature trends. You can even share the data with your doctor to get her professional advice. $120, apple.com.

Health tools - Swaive themometer

Imagine having an on-demand yoga instructor right at your fingertips (and under your toes). Designed with sensors that calibrate to your body, the SmartMat analyzes your poses and sends the data to your smartphone. Are your hands and feet aligned correctly? Are you balanced in your pose? Is your core engaged? This mat knows. Being aware of your range of motion can also help protect you from yoga-related injuries. The corresponding app guides you through audio classes, complete with real-time constructive cues on how to improve your form. $297 to pre-order, smartmat.com.

Health tool - mat

You've likely heard of wearable tech such as fitness trackers and smart watches, but how about a machine-washable shirt that can measure your physical activity? This is precisely what Montreal-based Hexoskin has created. The sensors woven into these biometric shirts provide insight into your daily activities (step count, calories burned, intensity of activities) as well as heart-rate recovery, breathing rate and volume, plus a more detailed analysis than a basic fitness tracker could provide. Your performance can also be measured in real time using the companion app (iOS, Android). $399 for starter kit (smart shirt, Bluetooth recording device, USB cable, apps to track and analyze your performance), hexoskin.com

Hexoskin health tool

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Mind & Spirit

4 clever smartphone health tools