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Best friends makeover: Month 11

Author: Canadian Living

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Best friends makeover: Month 11

This story was originally titled "Best Friends Makeover Update" in the December 2007 issue. Subscribe to Canadian Living today and never miss an issue!

Nearing the final stretch of their yearlong makeover, Tanya Leavitt and Tracy Metcalfe are making headway. Here is the Month 11 update:

  Since starting a new job, Tracy has less time for the gym (although she's still there three times a week). But she has started to walk to and from work – 35 minutes each way.

Tanya gets to the gym at least three times a week and takes a "chisel" strength- and muscle-building class with Tracy there. She also walks to work daily.

Tanya and Tracy met Andrea Holwegner, a registered dietitian and president of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting in Calgary, who has stepped in as their nutrition consultant to replace Rory Hornstein, who is on maternity leave. Andrea has set up regular meetings with Tanya (who still feels in a nutrition rut) and Tracy (who wants to know more about eating economically for energy and good health).  

Tracy continues to work with life coach Cathy Yost on her relationship with her son, Spencer, 17. They talked about showing respect in the home. "I set boundaries as to what negative behaviours toward me will not be tolerated in the house; for example, there will be no swearing, no belittling comments, etc."

As for their social life, it’s starting to heat up. "We have gone out on weekends to have some laughs and unwind," says Tracy.

At work, Tanya created a contest around her Success Circle discussion groups. She challenged participants to "spy" on their coworkers and catch them being successful. She's also planning another Success Circle discussion group.

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Best friends makeover: Month 11