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Best friends makeover: Month 4

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Best friends makeover: Month 4

Here's our three-month progress report on our Best Friends Makeover participants Tanya Leavitt and Tracy Metcalfe.

While they wait for a new semester to begin at Mount Royal Recreation in Calgary, Tanya and Tracy continue strength-training and cardio workouts several times a week. "I'm feeling more energetic and strong," says Tanya. "I can't wait for belly dancing classes to begin," says Tracy.

• Motivation has sometimes waned, though. When that happens, Cathy Yost, their life coach, steps in to help. When Tanya confessed that she sometimes doesn't feel like going to the gym, the coach helped her see that fear might make her feel that way. "We explored that fear so I could get over it," says Tanya.

• For Tracy, her overall motivation comes with preparing a "vision board" of all her wants for the future. She's also making entries in a gratitude journal in the morning and before bed to focus on the positives in her life.

• Credit counselling helped both women decide to "power pay" their debts. That means that they will pay off their highest interest credit cards first, which helps protect their credit rating. They have also opened no-fee bank accounts and used Airmiles points to purchase gift cards for others.

• Tanya continues to explore ways to expand her role in her current job at Calgary Urban Project Society. She's also expanding in other ways -- she's taking two courses in adult education.

•Â Tracy, too, is making headway in terms of her career. She's enrolled in a residential decorating certificate series at Mount Royal College. She has also started seriously looking for other jobs.

•Â Both women are looking forward to a special gift from Oasis Spa in Calgary -- a pampering day spa.

• And both women want to make changes to their image (they need an updated look) and to their eating habits (they need to focus more on nutrition).

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Best friends makeover: Month 4