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Best friends makeover: Month 6

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Best friends makeover: Month 6

Here is our six-month progress report on our Best Friends Makeover participants, Tanya Leavitt and Tracy Metcalfe.

• The girls are working out several times a week, sometimes alone and sometimes together. They started a more challenging circuit training workout that they can do on their own. Tanya is also walking for a half-hour at lunchtime three days a week.

• Tanya's blood pressure is still a concern. She and her family doctor are taking a closer look to see what else can be done to lower the readings.

• Tanya has a fun three-month goal for spending and saving: “If I reach my goals, I'm going to treat myself to a pedicure; if not, I'll apply the cost of the pedicure to my credit cards.”

• It's all systems go for Tanya's first Success Circle workplace workshop. She's developed the posters and written the objective statement and introduction. “She's organized and ready,” says career coach Gimalle Crawford.

• Tracy's focus is her job search. She checks job boards and is registering with employment agencies. “I'm taking the time to be selective and find a job I want instead of accepting any job out of a feeling of necessity,” she says.

• The girls were treated to L'Oréal skin, hair and makeup products. “They have committed to going out together once a month to expand their social lives,” says Astrid DesLandes, their image coach.

• Tracy's relationship with her son, Spencer, seems to be improving. One strategy in particular has worked wonders with the teen: doing the opposite of what she usually does. Tracy would normally buy new jeans for Spencer so he always has a clean pair. “Now I just leave the responsibility and consequences (he has to wear dirty jeans) to him.”

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Best friends makeover: Month 6