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Family wellness makeover: Month 11

Author: Canadian Living

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Family wellness makeover: Month 11

It's month 11 of the yearlong Morfidis family health makeover. Here's an update on the progress of Despina and George and their daughters, Ria and Stefi.

Despina injured her knee the month before the family's ski holiday in Quebec. But that didn't stop her from keeping active even though she had to wear a leg brace 24-7. Every day, Despina went to the gym in the hotel and rode a stationary bike for
20 minutes, did the exercises prescribed by her physiotherapist and did five sets of 20 sit-ups on an exercise ball.

George had his best ski holiday ever in terms of performance. "I credit all my regular exercising and being in much better physical shape than before," he says. He noticed the most improvement in his endurance. George skied with a friend who was an advanced skier, and had no trouble keeping up.

George and Despina felt comfortable enough to splurge a little diet-wise while they were on vacation. "We balanced all our activities with a few treats that we now normally try to stay away from," says Despina. She drank red wine and had some cheese (her absolute favourite food) and George had a few desserts. Neither of them gained weight due to all the activity they were doing.

Ria snowboarded most of the black diamond runs at the resort. No problem at all!

While Stefi enjoyed downhill skiing, her newfound winter sport
(she switched from snowboarding earlier in the season), her milestone this month was competing in her first gymnastics competition. She was nervous and excited, and she placed fifth overall in her age category, which was great for her first-ever competition. Good show.

Read about this family's wellness journey with Canadian Living magazine and a dream team of coaches.

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Family wellness makeover: Month 11