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Family wellness makeover: Month 5

Author: Canadian Living

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Family wellness makeover: Month 5

Congratulations, Morfidises -- Despina and George and their children Ria and Stefi. The family has reached their fifth month of their yearlong makeover. Here's an update on their progress. (To see how they think they're doing, check out the Morfidis family makeover diary.)

Despina loves the health and fitness benefits. "I've lost 20 pounds in the past, but it didn't look like this," she says. "Exercising has completely changed my body and my energy. I have much more stamina, and that's after only a few months!"

Still, fitness has been the biggest challenge, and Despina is thankful the makeover started before the weather got so cold. "Getting up at 5:30 a.m. wasn't a big deal then, and I got used to it. So maybe it won't be so hard in the winter, when it's cold and dark. But the lifestyle change is happening.

"One Saturday morning when the kids were away, George and I were laying in bed. We were expecting 25 people for an annual party that night. Did we really want to go to the club to work out? We were there when it opened at 8 a.m."

George is now going to the gym regularly and is very conscious of what he eats. "If I eat a high-fat meal, I make sure the next meal is low fat," he says. He can wear clothes that had once been too tight. "I'm stronger. I can bike harder. I can keep up with some of the stronger cyclists in my riding group." He, too, is feeling a bit stressed about time, and "the other night I wished I could watch some of the TV shows I used to watch. But they're really not that important anymore."

Ria's procrastination habit came up in different parts of her life, such as schoolwork and fitness. "Getting out for a run was probably my toughest challenge," she says. Forest helped her improve her technique, so now she enjoys running more. George and Ria clocked a three-kilometre route from home, and she tries to run it every day.

The makeover program has helped Stefi improve her gymnastics. Forest has helped with her balance and strength. And Stefi has noticed a positive change in her parents, too.

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Family wellness makeover: Month 5