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The Whole Life Makeover: Q & A with Kathy Salmon Farstad

Author: Canadian Living

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The Whole Life Makeover: Q & A with Kathy Salmon Farstad

In the March 2005 issue of Canadian Living magazine, Kathy Salmon Farstad explains how she's fared in upholding her healthy-living lifestyle. Without the regular help of the six-person Whole Life Makeover professional team, find out how Kathy is keeping her life-change success intact.

What has been the most challenging part of your transformation?
The most challenging part has been keeping the balance. For example, maintaining the workout time of 5 - 7 hrs a week while working full-time and having a busy schedule with the kids too! Also as stress rises, so does my tendency to snack and binge. It has been tough keeping my weight balanced, let alone losing another 10 pounds like I had hoped.

What/who have been your sources of strength and/or support?
Michelle Cederberg kept working with me once a week. My family has been supportive in letting me have some time to exercise while we are all at home together or for me to go out for a jog and for them to ride their bikes beside me.

What's your advice to anyone striving to give their life a makeover?
Change happens over time. Sometimes there are little bursts of success but most of it comes gradually so give yourself time. When you jump into something too hard and too fast it may be so different from your old regular routine that you may have a hard time keeping it up; so if you pick one thing to change at a time until it becomes your new regular routine, you've habituated it and then you can pick another thing to change.

I'd start with looking at your food routines and concentrate on that for the first week or so and then build in exercise and gradually increase the exercise while maintaining control over your intake. After that, start looking at your personal schedule. See when it is best for you to exercise and what requirements your new food habits have on your schedule and revamp your schedule -- include family commitments, personal commitments and at least one hour just for you to "do nothing or something."

Do you have any tips for boosting motivation?
Believe in yourself and know that you are worth the effort. Recognize that it is personal, no one can do it for you, no one is to blame -- it is for you, do it for yourself and in ways that are meaningful for you.

How do you plan to stay on track in order to maintain your achievements?
I have set new priorities: My work time allotted is 8 - 10 hrs a day and I try not to go over that amount of time unless there is a big project to work on. I try to prepare a menu on Sunday to shop for and then get us through the week. I turn off the TV and read and try to fall asleep before 11 p.m.

Exercising is the hardest for me to do at night so I am trying to go to bed early so I can exercise first thing in the morning (this is the one I am working on now). Most of the things I was doing was mostly self-imposed and now that I have stopped and asked myself why am I doing these things? Then I usually give myself a break. I've also stopped rushing so much between things and try to be more prepared and then I am more proactive and less reactive (but some days are just nuts!). I don't take on as much anymore and I ask for extensions to complete tasks. I also read for pleasure at least twice a week and take one night a week for myself with a friend or a book.

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The Whole Life Makeover: Q & A with Kathy Salmon Farstad