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Yoga for beginners: How to get started with yoga and meditation

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Yoga for beginners: How to get started with yoga and meditation

How to get started with yoga and meditation
Even if you've never done yoga, you've probably noticed a proliferation of yoga studios in recent years, not to mention news stories touting the health benefits of yoga and meditation, including lower levels of stress, increased energy levels and a general sense of well-being. Read on for articles on yoga for beginners, how to get started with yoga and meditation and even how to knit your own yoga mat bag!

Knit a yoga mat bag
This lace-knit yoga mat bag will keep your yoga mat stowed at a fraction of the cost of a bought bag.

Yoga for your pregnancy
Prepare physically and mentally for birth in a prenatal yoga class -- and make new friends as well!

Yoga poses for pregnancy
Yoga postures to try at home.

8 yoga benefits for men
How to get the men in your life to hit the yoga studio.

Prevent yoga injuries
As the number of yoga-related injuries rises, use these guidelines to protect yourself.

Yoga and middle age weight control
Yoga may smooth over the middle age spread.

Postnatal yoga
You and your baby will both make friends while you stretch out your body in a "mom and baby" yoga class.

Ease into yoga
A beginner's guide to the popular mind-body discipline.

Yoga for breast cancer
Research shows that a regular gentle yoga practice can improve survivors' quality of life.

5 yoga stretches to make you happy
Try these yoga stretches to boost your energy, relieve your stress and make you happy!

What's your yoga style?
Find out which yoga program is right for you.

Bedtime yoga routine
Release tension with relaxing yoga movements that'll soothe you to sleep.

Try animal yoga with your kids
Kid-friendly yoga poses that stir the imagination and promote a mind/body connection.

Meditation basics for instant stress relief
Feeling stressed? Learn some meditation basics that'll help you train your brain to relax.

How meditation boosts brain health
Increase perception and attentiveness through mindful meditation.

Sharing the essence of daily meditation
Find out how daily meditation brings more balance, peace and joy to two women's lives.

Mindful walking
How bringing meditation techniques into your daily walks can keep you well grounded.

Meditate your stress away
Relieve tensions and take control of your life with daily meditation.


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Yoga for beginners: How to get started with yoga and meditation