How to clear the clutter out of your life

Is clutter taking over more than just your house? Learn the best organizing tips on how to clean up the mess in both your home and your life.

All about clutter
• Remember that nothing is sacred except you.

• If it doesn't fit anymore, physically or psychologically, let it go.

• Take the items that you are going to review out of their space and move them to another room, or outside, so you can get a fresh perspective.

• If you hesitate trying to decide whether something is worthwhile, it's clutter.

• If you haven't used it in a year, it's clutter.

• If you find yourself defending the object because of how much it cost you, it's clutter.

• If the item makes you feel out of sorts, it's clutter.

• Always remove from your home what you know to be clutter. Otherwise, it will continue to detract from your life.

• No clutter is labeled clutter. Clutter is invisible. It was put in its location subconsciously. That's why you have to ask if each thing is truly helpful to you or if it's clutter. Sometimes the most cherished thing is clutter. Count on it. If it's not useful to you now, toss it.

• People can be clutter. Be honest in your relationships. If knowing someone diminishes you, she is clutter. You can speak honestly with her and see if she can change. If not, you can just let her go.

• Toss or give away gifts you don't like.

• Most photos are clutter. You were trying to preserve a moment that felt good to you in that moment. But now it's over. You are collecting ghosts. Ghosts are dull impressions of the original event. Do you want to live among ghosts, or do you want to live in the vibrant living world? Only keep the photos that resonate with this moment.

Feel good about the process of tossing, and avoid the guilt. Advertisers taught you that things are more valuable than you. They were wrong. You are right.

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