Quick and easy ways to feel happier

Feeling blue or bitter? Don't worry, you can easily get rid of those bad moods with a few simple ways to feel happier.

Ways to feel happier
Whether it's a rough day at work, you had a fight with your partner or you're struggling with your personal finances, there's no denying that life's little obstacles can put a damper on your mood. But you don't have to suffer through these bad feelings, especially when there are so many easy ways to turn that frustration and sadness around.

3 ways to feel happier
1. Focus on the positive
It can be easy to fall prey to negative thoughts and emotions, but all that really accomplishes is upping your stress levels. Stop thinking about everything that's going wrong and start thinking about the positive things in your life. Are you looking forward to a date this weekend? Or maybe you've just finished a great workout. Are you going home to a loving family? It doesn't matter what the source of the happiness is, so long as you feel it. It's these positive thoughts that can ease your mind and lift your spirits.

2. Give yourself a break
Do you feel too stressed out or exhausted from your routine? Perhaps you're juggling too many things at once and simply need to give your body and mind a break. Take your mind off your troubles by doing something you know will put a smile on your face, like going dancing with your friends, playing games with your pet or treating yourself to a spa treatment. You'll feel much more relaxed and you'll be able to deal with what's troubling you with some clarity.

3. Talk about your problems

If you have a problem that you can't get off your mind, find someone you trust to talk to about it. They may understand what you're going through and will be able to offer you advice and support. Voicing your frustrations to a good listener will also help you destress, and you'll feel happier knowing there's someone on your side.

More ways to feel happier
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