11 unhealthy foods made healthy

Cookies, pop and steak dinners can be hard to resist. And luckily you don’t have to because we have 11 ways you can make your favourite foods healthier.

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Photography by Photography by Jeff Coulson

1. Favourite food: Pretzels and chips

The swap: Popcorn is a whole grain, so it is more fibre-rich than pretzels, says Rosenbloom. Plus, those little kernels are known to have even more polyphenols (disease-fighting antioxidants) than fruits and veggies. Skip the microwave versions and air-pop your own. Add a pinch of salt or spices (try cayenne pepper or rosemary) for added flavour.

Don't swap: Chips
"Healthy" chips made from vegetables, lentils or beans might sound better than the simple-starch-filled potato variety, but the fat, calorie and sodium levels are often just as bad. "Don’t let healthy ingredients trick you into thinking the whole thing is healthy," says Rosenbloom.

Photography by Jeff Coulson

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