5 naughty holiday drinks made nice

How to make delicious holiday drinks a little bit better for you. 

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1. Hot chocolate

Whether it's that much-needed cup of hot chocolate after a day spent hanging outdoor lights, or a few glasses of wine to bring out your holiday cheer, this is the time of year when pesky liquid calories can really add up. But with the help of Tamara Green, holistic nutritionist and founder of The Living Kitchen, we've put together some tips for making your beverages more guilt-free.

The drink: hot chocolate

The gist: This nostalgic winter soother is usually made with store-bought mix or a combination of milk and melted chocolate. While delicious, these ingredients mean artificial flavours and sweeteners, as well as high-fat content.

The fix: Instead of pre-made mix, use unsweetened cocoa powder or try raw cacao powder, which is high in antioxidants and is a natural energy booster. Sweeten to taste using a natural product like Stevia or maple syrup in place of refined sugar, which has no real nutrients and can rob the body of vitamins and minerals. Garnish with a few shavings of magnesium-rich dark chocolate to help relax the muscles—important during this stressful season.


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