5 superfoods of the future

These five foods may not be mainstays in your diet now. But these nutritional powerhouses are the superfoods of the future. 

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1. Seaweed

The 411: Whole seaweed is wrapped around your sushi and served as a snack; it's also used as a thickener, listed as “carrageenan” on package labels.

The benefits: It only makes sense that seaweed, which grows in mineral-filled seawater, has all the 56 minerals and trace elements your body needs. Plus, it's packed with protein (depending on the variety, it can have seven to 47 grams per 100-gram serving) and is rich in dietary fibre (29 to 62 grams per 100-gram serving). And it offers all of that in very few calories.

How to eat it: Straight up. Wakame, a popular type of seaweed, has been a culinary staple in Japan, Korea and China since prehistoric times. It is sold dried, so just soak it and toss it in soy sauce with sesame seeds.


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