5 surprisingly healthy sin foods

Finally, healthy foods that taste great! Here are five surprisingly healthy sin foods you can enjoy without any guilt.

Healthy sin foods: Peanut butter and dark chocolate
When trying to be healthy, we typically try to avoid all of those sinful foods that are out on the market today.

Lucky for us, there are guilt-free foods available that taste sinfully delicious. They provide beneficial health properties and leave us feeling satisfied. These foods are great options to keep on hand to help deal with unexpected cravings between meals or after dinner.

5 healthy sin foods
1. Peanut butter

This delicious product is the perfect option when you’re looking for something sweet, healthy and high in protein to fill you up at any meal. Peanut butter is high in protein, healthy fats and fibre, making it a guilt-free food that is both delicious and appetizing. Opt for natural and organic peanut butter when shopping at the grocery store to ensure that you are reducing your toxin intake and supporting your liver.

2. Dark chocolate or cocoa
Many of us find ourselves dealing with cravings for sweets throughout the day or after a meal. At times like these, reach for a piece of dark chocolate to help squash the craving and keep you on track for the rest of the day.

Dark chocolate is praised for having high quantities of flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties. It also provides your body with cardiovascular benefits. Try to stick with high-quality dark chocolate or cocoa, which offer the maximum health benefits and nutrients. I recommend keeping a couple of pieces of dark chocolate in your freezer at home so that when you have a craving you can reach for a cold, crisp square of chocolate to keep you satisfied.

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