7 nutrition tips we can't stop talking about

If you’re trying to boost your nutrition and lose weight you won’t want to miss out on these expert healthy eating tips.

Feed your nutrition curiosity
6. Be informed
Thanks to an increasing pressure to clean up our eating habits and ease of access to information on the subject, ignorance, where food is concerned, is becoming more of a societal faux-pas. Knowledge truly is power, so the best laid plan is to read, watch and listen to health news or consult a dietitian to make informed lifestyle decisions. The more we become educated on the subject of proper nutrition, the greater chance we have of controlling our own weight and overall health.

7. Don't just exercise, be active
"You might go to the gym for an hour five times a week, and that's awesome," says Fyshe. "But what are you doing all the other hours in your day?" The increasingly sedentary modern lifestyle is more than partially responsible for the obesity epidemic and with that in mind, driving to the gym seems almost laughably counterproductive.

Take every opportunity to get moving: walk to work, clean the house or take the stairs to ramp up your activity level. "Suddenly there are hours and hours in your day when you're burning calories instead of just that one hour at the gym," Fyshe says.

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