5 steps to a healthier community

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5 steps to a healthier community

Since January, CBC has been on the hunt for the Live Right Now Capital of Canada – a community that's totally motivated and supported to make healthy lifestyle choices. There's still time to nominate your own neighbourhood for the top spot (the winner will be announced April 13) and it's never too late to advocate for fitness and healthy eating. Here's how you can make a difference.

5 ways to get a healthier community
1. Start a community garden or farmer's market to promote locally grown fruits and vegetables.

2. Ditch the charity bake sale for a fundraising dodgeball tournament. "Think outside the box, outside the house and outside the gym," says Dr. Mark Tremblay, director of Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research.

3. Donate fitness DVDs to your local library, or volunteer to coach an after-school sports program. Physical literacy is just as important as reading, according to Active for Life, a national movement that supports sport and physical activity.

4. Initiate a school nutrition program. More than half of high school students don't eat breakfast, and nutrition programs provide the energy they need to learn, according to Breakfast for Learning, which supports school-based nutrition programs in Canada.

5. Campaign for well-lit bike paths and parks to get residents outside and moving. According to ParticipAction, active communities are healthy communities. Has your community got what it takes to be the Live Right Now Capital of Canada? Nominate your town at

This story was originally titled "Health Matters" in the April 2012 issue.

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5 steps to a healthier community