Gym etiquette

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Gym etiquette

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Not sure where to set the bar for gym etiquette? Tracy Glennon, senior divisional manager for GoodLife Fitness Clubs in Canada, offers the following tips.

1. Wipe down
"It's the responsibility of every person to wipe down her equipment to avoid sharing sweat."

2. Watch the clock
Most clubs post a 30-minute maximum on cardio equipment and even a sign-up sheet for peak hours (7 to 9 a.m. and 4 to 7 p.m.).

3. Be on time
If it's more than five minutes past a class start time, you're late. Arriving late or leaving early disrupts the class, especially when a quiet atmosphere is important, such as with yoga, or when safety is an issue, such as when weights are used.

4. Limit small talk
Sometimes chatter can go on longer than appreciated by other members. "Carrying on a conversation or giggling in the back during a class really is inappropriate."

5. Treat it like home
Keep a pair of shoes for wearing in the gym only. In the locker room, don't leave water around the sink, paper towels on the floor or talcum powder on the carpet.

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Gym etiquette