Nutrition information: What you need to know about the foods you eat

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Nutrition information: What you need to know about the foods you eat

It seems like each week there are new dietary headlines to be heeded: Cut back on salt! No more processed meat! It seems if you follow your nightly newscast's advice, you'd be left with very few options in your grocery cart – and on your plate.

We've consulted the experts and created a collection of articles to guide you through the supermarket aisles with ease. Learn what to put into your body (and what to avoid) with the advice of dietitians and registered nutritionists. You will discover the key to understanding a nutritional information label, debunk popular nutritional myths, and learn which 10 superfoods to fill your reusable bags with.

Photo gallery: 8 nutrition facts that will help boost your health
Know these 8 nutrition facts to help you adjust your diet for optimal health.

There is so much to know when it comes to food and nutrition isn't there? Becoming a savvy label reader, eliminating refined flours and sugars from the diet and making sure your reach your daily quotient of omega 3 intake! With all of this information, what to eat for optimal health and disease prevention can seem a little confusing. In truth, nutrition is an enormous field which is constantly brimming with updated research, scientific health discoveries and new and improved health products. Staying on top of the "need to know" is a process which involves the gathering of information over time.

11 nutrition myths busted
Registered Dietician Leslie Beck sets the record straight on common dietary myths.

Thanks to the Internet, nutritional information is available at the click of a button. But how do you separate fact from fiction? We asked Registered Dietitian Leslie Beck, author of eight nutrition books, to give us the scoop on what myths actually deserve the hype.

Learn how to decode a nutrition facts label
Learning how to read a cryptic food label can pave the way to a healthy, nutritious diet.

Do you know what you're eating? It may look like a simple slice of bread or helping of canned peas, but although the food itself seems harmless, the product's nutrition facts label may reveal a different story.

Top 10 superfoods: Goji berries, cinnamon, turmeric and more
We give you the real goods on 10 superfoods and how they'll help you fight disease.

We're often fed news about superfoods and superherbs – and it's tempting to want to believe everything we're told. Some superfood claims are backed by scientific studies, while other enticing claims turn certain foods into fads, though the foods have few proven benefits. We looked at the studies of 10 pantry picks and give you the real goods about their disease-fighting powers.

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Nutrition information: What you need to know about the foods you eat