Weight-loss tips: An inspiring weight-loss success story

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Weight-loss tips: An inspiring weight-loss success story

Age: 23
Occupation: Personal trainer, Sarnia, Ont.
Height: 5'10"
Previous weight: 300.5 lb
New weight: 204 lb
Previous pant size: 46
Current pant size: 36
Time period: November 2010 to August 2011

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Where he started
"I’ve always been a big guy," says Keenan. "But when I hit 300 pounds, it was too much."

Working as a bouncer meant Keenan relied on fast food during the night, causing his weight to slowly creep up. As a competitive power lifter, he justified his size with the sport.

"I would say, 'I'm heavier, but I lifted more at this competition so it's OK.' Eventually, I just realized that was an excuse."

How he did it
Keenan’s goal of competing in the 275-pound weight class sparked his diet changes. The success had a snowball effect. "I started looking better and getting so much positive attention that I kept it up," he says. Starting work as a trainer in the fall of 2010 encouraged him to set a healthy example for others.

He began journalling what he ate – mostly lean protein, healthy fats and vegetables, plus extra carbohydrates on training days.

Where he is now
"I'm happier overall," says Keenan, who noticed that as the numbers decreased on the scale, his confidence increased. His growing success as a power lifter serves as continual motivation. He's added more muscle and now weighs 215 pounds.

Lessons he's learned
• "Preparation is key. Have chicken or vegetables ready so that when you come home you won’t reach for a bag of chips."
• Don't completely eliminate your favourite foods. "I have one cheat meal per week."
• Find your motivation. "What helps you stick to a plan won't necessarily be what helps another person."

This story was originally titled "He Did It" in the February 2013 issue.

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Weight-loss tips: An inspiring weight-loss success story