Prevention & Recovery

Your pharmacist: A valuable resource

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Prevention & Recovery

Your pharmacist: A valuable resource

Pharmacists dispense more than just medication. You might not know that Ontario’s pharmacists can also watch for drug interactions, help manage chronic diseases, and adapt and renew prescriptions (as appropriate) to help patients feel their best. Getting to know your local pharmacist is as simple as asking them what they can do for you. For example, did you know that you can talk to your pharmacist and get advice on managing your diabetes?

Whether they’re located in a community pharmacy, long-term care or hospital setting, pharmacists are key members of a collaborative health team working together to achieve your and your family’s best health. They provide reliable patient services that are personalized, approachable and, most of all, accessible. Just walk into your nearest pharmacy.

Your health needs

Health needs, questions and concerns can strike at any time and can be scary. Of all healthcare providers, pharmacists are the easiest to reach. Since many pharmacies are open seven days a week, some 24 hours a day, a pharmacist can be your first point of contact when help or support is needed most - and all without an appointment.

What pharmacists offer

Today’s pharmacist can provide MedsCheck medication consultations to eligible patients, they can give flu shots and they can provide smoking cessation counselling to help get smokers on track to quit. They can also renew and adapt prescriptions so that patients get the most from their medications, and help seniors and patients with chronic conditions meet their goals through support, information and education.

The future of pharmacy

Ontario’s pharmacists aspire to provide even more professional services and believe that expanding the pharmacist’s role will improve patient care and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Ontario’s healthcare system.

Pharmacists also want to grow existing programs to better help Canadians. In Ontario, one way is by extending the in-pharmacy smoking cessation program to help reduce smoking-related illnesses. Another is allowing pharmacists to administer a variety of immunizations which could help raise vaccination rates and improve community health. Potential new services include a provincial minor ailments program that would redirect non-critical patients to local pharmacists to treat conditions from pink eye to poison ivy.

Pharmacists offer more services than you might think, and in the future they hope to offer even more. To get to know your pharmacist better – all you have to do is ask. Talk to your local pharmacist for more information or visit


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Prevention & Recovery

Your pharmacist: A valuable resource