Weight Loss

Track our 6-Week Slim-Down progress

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Weight Loss

Track our 6-Week Slim-Down progress

Have you been reading all about our 6-Week Slim-Down?

Read on for an update on our participants!

Beth Toole

So far, Beth has lost an additional 7lbs, has signed up for Weight Watchers and has been going to the gym every day. She's signing up for a 5K run in May! "I'm going to train hard so I can plan for a personal best," she says. She's also been making loads of healthy foods at home—including baby food for her grandson. "I think we need to educate up and coming generations on the importance of eating healthy and knowing what you are consuming," she says. 

Stacey Lessard

Stacey is working to maintain her weight. "Christmas was very challenging this year from a diet perspective," she says. She participated in a 30 day plank challenge in the month of December and a 5K resolution walk/run in Fredericton.

"I am trying to be more mindful and take stretch breaks in my office, even if it's just for two or three minutes a couple of times a day," says Stacey. "I have re-worked my previous exercise plan to include more yoga and strength training in addition to walking and dancing as my cardio. I've had to bump up the fun factor a little to keep me motivated so I've decided to get back to dancing at home to the music I love (which was something I used to do for exercise as a teen)," she says. 

Ellen Morris 

Ellen continues to work out at the gym doing everything from circuit training to weight lifting to cardio. She's training for a Mud Hero  relay in Halifax this July with a group from Fredericton. She's currently doing a boot camp every Saturday to prepare for this race. "It's lots of fun and motivating," says Ellen. 


Stay tuned for more great tips, tricks and advice from real women who have weight loss success stories.

Plus, sign up for your own 6-Week Slim-Down here to join in!


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Weight Loss

Track our 6-Week Slim-Down progress