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Grow your own backyard butterfly garden

Author: Canadian Living

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Grow your own backyard butterfly garden

This story was originally titled "Create your own Backyard Butterfly Garden" in the June 2007 issue. Subscribe to Canadian Living today and never miss an issue!

1. With your kids, research butterflies native to your area and make a list of the plants they like.

2. A full-sun area protected from the wind is ideal. Adding smooth rocks also gives butterflies an area to sun themselves and provides the perfect opportunity for kids to quietly inspect the insects.

3. Choose plants that butterflies will want to lay their eggs on and upon which caterpillars can feed. Plants with bright colours and strong scents are your best bets. Butterflies like nectar-producing flowers, such as purple coneflower, and caterpillars will feed on the leaves of milkweed, violets or dill.

4. Clump each type of flower together; it makes it easier for butterflies to find your garden and the type of plant they prefer.

5. Keep your garden moist and pesticide-free. This allows butterflies to suck moisture and salts from the soil while protecting them from chemicals that could harm or discourage them from staying in your yard.

For more info, visit Project Wildlife for more information.

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Grow your own backyard butterfly garden