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Holiday fire starter kit

Author: Canadian Living

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Holiday fire starter kit

Pinecone fire starters are the perfect hostess gift to take along on chilly nights.

Decorative bucket, basket or crock
Twigs and evergreen sprigs
Beeswax or paraffin, cut in cubes
Wax dye (optional)
Floral foam
Sheet moss
Carving knife and kitchen tongs
Saucepan and old metal bowl or pot
Glue gun
Waxed paper and newspaper

Click here to see an enlarged image of the Fire Starter Kit.

1. Cover work surface with several layers of newspaper; top with a layer of waxed paper. In bowl over saucepan of hot water, melt wax. If desired, stir in dye.

2. With tongs, dip each pinecone into wax; allow excess to drip back into bowl, then transfer to waxed paper and let dry. Repeat 3 or 4 times.

3. With knife, cut foam to fit bottom two-thirds of bucket; glue in place. Glue sheet moss over foam.

4. Fill bucket with pinecones. Push twigs and branches into foam.

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Holiday fire starter kit